Vikings – Wolves of Midgard

March 25, 2017 12:59 pm

Vikings – Wolves of Midgard

A Story driven Action and Adventure Multiplayer experience, Vikings – Wolves of Midgard is looking to fill in the Viking flavor missing in a lot of action adventure games. While the recent Combat-centric For Honor has had them as a playable faction they were just a part of the world and not much more than another set of classes, Vikings is a deep step into the Mythology and Themes of Viking and Norse Mythology to flesh out the story line they’ve made for you to play through. Overall the game has a strong Diablo feel to it, Enemies coming at you in high amounts, combat following a mostly Hack and Slash feel to it although it does gain some depth as you go, almost in a Dark souls sort of way with you facing the Brutal challenges between safe points where you can rest and Recuperate. You gain Levels and gear as you go as is to be expected with many of these type of game, though the rewards come from exploration fairly frequently instead of just the endless grind on Hoards throwing themselves at you squishy Bits first. A Novel and enjoyable entry into the Genre, here are a few of the highlights you can look forward to getting out of the game.

Fight the coming of Ragnarok

Midgard’s winters have been getting colder, and with it the threat of the Jotun, Frost Giants, return to Midgard to herald the fight with the gods in Ragnarok is at its headst. You begin this Campaign fighting off the first wave assaulting your clan, and in that assault are chosen as the New leader of your clan, responsible for its survival and after leading the retaliation against those forces. You’ve survived the destruction of your home unbroken, but the Fimbulwinter who manned the attack wont be so lucky.

Strategic combat performed by Brutal Warriors

While the game may start off feeling like mindlessly chopping down the rows of enemies is the route to take as you continue you will quickly learn otherwise. The Blessing of the gods that act largely like classes within this game are focused on your Melee Prowess, but they reward those who fight intelligently and don’t just try to stay their opponents blade in their flesh. With a combat system that rewards dipping out and engaging when you are at an advantage, it does feel more engaged and more subtly difficult then other peers in the similar Genre, and as you play you will find a lot of depth in how you will face your enemies.

More than just the frozen Wastes for you to Explore

The Threat of Frost Giants and the Name of the Force Fimbulwinter comes with an intrinsic cold feeling to it, and truthfully as a viking the game starts in your own frostbitten home, the winters growing harder as the threat approaches. Don’t expect to be trudging mindlessly through endless snowy fields on this adventure though. Vikings dips into the mythology of many Norse Tales and so along with the expected Fields of white you will be sing such varied environments as the boiling realm of Balheim, and varied environments in Midgard such as tropical islands, marshlands, active volcano and much more.

Team Up to fight off the threat of the Jotun

You are the leader of your Clan, so you shouldn’t expect to face this battle alone. While not supporting Local Co-op play there is online play where you can join the fight or be aided by other Vikings in your quest to Prevent the end of the world. Combat in the game is more rewarding with the multiple bodies to share in the responsibility of wrangling enemies and striking them down, with their power growing to compensate for your aid but offering greater rewards for it as well.