September 1, 2013 9:04 pm

MiraMagia is perfect for the gamers who love time management games like Farmville and Dragon City. This game combines the best parts of time management MMOs and the classic magic driven society of MMORPGs. If you think Farmville was addicting, wait until you play MiraMagia!

Seriously, I had a hard time leaving just to write this review. The world of MiraMagia is a steadily growing community that is driven by the players. Let’s get down to what you really want to know, starting with


In MiraMagia, you live in a small village with other players. There are many villages throughout the world, each village only containing up to 7 players. In the character creation process, you can pick from 4 classes:¬†sorcerer shaman druid mage. There isn’t much customization at this point, but later you can change your character’s clothes and hair accessories. The four classes are more for aesthetics than an actual function in the game.

After character creation, a helpful Djinni gets you started with the game. After the first simple tutorial quests, you have to plant in your field. Growing carrots can take a few minutes, so the tutorial process begins rather slowly. While you wait for your carrots to grow, you can– and SHOULD– explore the world.

As I explored the different places I could go, I grew to like the game more and more from my initial thoughts. It blends the world of Time Management games with an MMORPG. You can race dragons with your friends, sell your goods at the market, level up to learn new spells, do quests, and grow crops to use for multiple things.

In case you didn’t catch that, DRAGON RACING. Awesome, right? You get to hatch and raise your very own dragon. Once he is old enough you can put your dragon into races with other players within the vast world of MiraMagia.

An interesting note about the quests: You can jinx the¬†“questies”- the quest giver- into thinking you already did the quest. Will this have repercussions later in the game? possibly. You won’t know until you try.

MiraMagia is a great game to play with friends and family. You can even link it to your Facebook page to post your latest achievements on your wall.



The graphics in MiraMagia, are adorably cartoonish. The dragon– I named mine Kaain– sits in his lair with a goofy stare on his face that makes me smile every time I see him. The game in general has pretty average graphics. Considering that it is a time management game, instead of a hardcore RPG, we can almost let the sub-par graphics slide. The graphics are familiarly pleasing like your childhood favorite Saturday morning cartoon.


The Bottom Line

MiraMagia is a delightful game that allows you to explore and grow. If you can get past the initial slow beginning, MiraMagia holds an endless amount of fun for you and all of your friends. Get everyone you know together, and head down to MiraMagia, where farming, magic, and dragons live side by side in a player driven economy.