September 3, 2013 2:08 am

If you enjoy games like SimCity, you will love Grepolis. It takes the city builder game to the next level: conquest. Follow in the footsteps of great conquerers like Alexander, Achilles, Leonidas, and other war giants by conquering nearby towns and sweep across the map taking cities down in your wake. All while you build your own city. Create an Empire bigger than that of Ancient Rome.


You begin with quests to get you started with objectives and building your city. You expand your quarry, timber camp, warehouse, and farm. At this point in the game, you also conquer your first farm city. After you get the gist, you can continue on your own, or continue to do the multiple quests, which give you rewards that will be helpful in expanding your empire.

Don’t forget to keep the favor of the Gods. They might be helpful in your conquests later in the game. Unlike many other MMOs, there is an end. It might take you a couple of years to get there, but you can get there.

For a first-time player of city-builders, the navigation can be a bit confusing, but through exploration and quest you learn where everything is pretty quickly. Each island has space for 20 cities. You can expand and conquer other cities– including cities built by other players around the world. Engage in battle over the possession of cities.

Be prepared. This game is always active. Which means, other players can conquer your cities even when you aren’t online. ┬áIn order to save your towns from other players, you can download the Grepolis app on your smartphone. You will never again have to worry if your cities are safe.

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The graphics are pretty realistic. It looks as if you have an aerial view of the Grecian islands. Even within the limited capabilities of browser-based MMOs, InnoGames has captured the beauty and simplicity of ancient greek landscape. Most of the game involves that simple aerial perspective. Really, there are only two perspectives; one of the ocean and the islands and one of your city. Neither view changes very much. Your buildings change minimally as you upgrade them. The brunt of the game is in reports and charts. It makes you feel like a commander looking at maps and charts, reading reports from battle as you plan your next attack.

The Bottom Line

Grepolis is a great game for people looking for a city-builder with natural graphics. Dominate the ancient world. Conquer to gain supplies to build your cities. Build your cities into a vast empire. Battle with other players to conquer the world. You are the commander or your own armies. Join thousands of other players already vying for domination of the ancient world.