Runescape 3

September 6, 2013 10:04 pm

So, lately, I have heard a lot of negative feedback about Runescape. Is the new Runescape as bad as everyone seems to think? I head into the realm of Runescape to find out for myself.


The beginning is explosive and the learning progression is interesting. My biggest problem was there was no music. It might have been an isolated incident, but at the start of the game all of my audio volume was muted, which is strange. My computer volume was at max, so there shouldn’t have been a reason that the game would begin muted. The introduction would have been a lot more impacting if my volume had been working, but I digress.

On a side note, I find it interesting that when in dialogue with other characters, the other characters have voice over, but your character in response doesn’t, even though they show your character’s talking animation.

The new interface is not exactly preferable. The small pop-up window is clogged up by the controls. It doesn’t make the game less playable. It’s only slightly annoying. The new Runescape is a little more story-driven, which I definitely enjoy.  The player feels more immersed into the fantasy. You begin in the middle of a battle, picking you weapon of choice from the bodies lying dead under debris.

Arrows tell you where to go during the first long stretch of game play.  Playing the game doesn’t require any serious skill, which is probably why so many people enjoy it. You click to do pretty much everything. The movement is simplistic allowing for multi-tasking, which is extremely convenient. Character creation allows for the customization of multiple features. It’s a casual and fun MMORPG.

Another criticism, some people may benefit from having to learn so many diverse skills, but as a warrior I find it bothersome to have to learn to smelt ore and mine. It should be an option to learn those things, maybe even something you can revisit after you get a better taste for the world.However, the tutorial teaches you that and many other skills, like fishing- which is extremely useful when on the edge of death in need of food.


The graphics are still the same as what we are used to with Runescape– which is to say that they aren’t extremely detailed or realistic. Of course, Runescape has progressed a long way from its original Beta in 1999, but it still doesn’t compare to the graphics of games like World of Warcraft.

I wouldn’t say it’s a pixelized world, but it is very obviously computerized. However, for gamers who don’t have hang-ups on extravagant graphics, this game is great. The lack of high-detail aids in quick landscape generation, so thats a silver lining.

Bottom Line

Even with all of that said, something about Runescape keeps people coming back. It is fun, familiar, and honestly I don’t see much extreme change since I played 5 years ago. Runescape will always be a favorite in my book, even with all of my criticism. Perhaps its the flaws that make us love it so much.



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