Pirates: Tides of Fortune

September 6, 2013 11:12 pm

Another 2-D MMO bursts on the scene. Love pirates? Love Grepolis– worldwide ancient Greek civilization conquest MMO? Pirates: Tides of Fortune might be worth checking out. Brought to you by Kabam– one of the fastest growing companies, known for creating immersive experiences and over all awesome games. Pirates: Tides of Fortune is the most engaging MMORTS games I have played this year.


The extensive voice-over for the tutorial is refreshing. Instead of having to read the lengthy paragraphs about how the game works, a delightful pirate woman speaks to you explaining and also framing the story.

The gameplay is rather similar to that of Grepolis: you build and expand. However, this fun and swashbuckling frame the game is set into makes it more entertaining, personally. Maybe it’s just that I like pirates more than ancient Rome.

Even though the main purpose is similar, the actual mechanics are different. You begin building on your own Island– Isla Fortuna. You place the buildings you build onto a barren, sandy landscape. Like many other RTS games, you have to wait a period of time for construction.

The tutorial is slow at first, but once you get past learning the mechanics you can really get into the game.  You send your pirate troops out to do your dirty work– attacking your enemies.



The graphics are above average of what is to be expected of RTSs. They are well done with detail. The set-up of your buildings (i.e. rum distillery, gold mine, etc.) is kind of blocky, which helps with organization, but makes it feel less realistic.

A ghostly hand points out where you should click during the tutorial, which is more fitting than a large blatant arrow that is featured in most other tutorials. The chat bar is optional, allowing for more vision area, which is helpful out of full-screen mode.


Bottom Line

Pirates: Tides of Fortune is a refreshing RTS that still holds onto the classic RTS gameplay. Full of pirates, strategy, and conquest, it is definitely worth your time. Lead your own army of pirates into battle and build a pirate civilization on your own Isla Fortuna.

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