Eden Eternal

September 8, 2013 12:18 pm

Jump into the anime realm of Eden Eternal, where you battle and uncover secrets as you try to bring peace to a distressed world. Eden Eternal is a free-to-play title brought to us by Aeria Games. Travel around the world fighting monsters and leveling your skills to bring out your true potential.

This action-packed, fast-paced adventure will leave you glued to your computer. I loved this game. It’s one of my favorite MMORPGs this year. Don’t miss out on this fun and friendly world.

 Character Creation

You start off in character creation, which is pretty extensive, or it seems to be anyway. I created a character with all sorts of clothes, but once spawned into the world the gear you chose is gone. This is a glitch that hopefully will be fixed soon, considering the gear customization was just recently added in this summer. Of course, your basic choices like hairstyle and color, eye color, skin color are all what you chose, so let’s get down to the more important point.

In this more updated version, you can pick from five races: Zumi, Human, Anuran, Halfkin and Ursun. Originally Human was the only option. Then you pick your starter class: Warrior, Thief, Hunter, Cleric, or Magician.

Warriors fall under the defense/melee region (AKA Tanks). When you meet the requirements you can become a Samurai

Thief is a melee DPS with high agility, excelling in close range combat.

Hunter is obviously ranged DPS. However in Eden Eternal you aren’t limited to bow and arrow, you can use other ranged weapons, like guns.

Clerics are categorized as Healer/Support class, but don’t let that fool you. They are far from weaklings who cannot hold their own in battle. With their powerful healing and combat skills, enemies have two reasons to fear them.

Magicians are Magic DPS. They use their skills to manipulate the elements around them into powerful combat.

However, throughout the game, if you want to change classes it is as easy as going into your skills (hotkey K) and transforming the class with a click. It is so easy, I accidentally changed my class to thief and had to wait a second to change back to warrior. Each class also has opportunity for advancement. Once you meet the requirements, you can upgrade to different specialized classes, like Samurai, Warlocks or Shamans


Eden Eternal is action packed and fast paced. It utilizes a very simple waypoint system that allows you to get to where you are going quicker, a lot quicker. In your quest log (hotkey L) you can click the “go” button beside the places you are supposed to go and your character takes off. Of course you can use manual movement with the mouse or the WASD keys, but having your character run off to the quest point on its own is pretty awesome.

Speaking of movement, you can decide how you want to move. You can either move around using the WASD keys or by clicking with the left mouse button.

Learning how to do everything is easy. You are told early in the game what are the useful hotkeys and also reminded of them when they become relevant. Combat is action-packed and fast paced. You can use your abilities by assigning the to hotkeys– super simple, go to your Class (K) and click on a skill then click/drag it to a hotkey. Once you have the combat hotkeys set up, fighting is a breeze, and you level up pretty quickly. I was level 6 within about an hour of play.

Eden Eternal is a quest driven game; however, if you don’t read all the story line, it’s okay. It isn’t vital to actual gameplay, unless you enjoy the story line in MMORPGs. Mostly you get quests for an excuse to fight stuff, which you will do a lot. Combat is a huge part of the game. You run around exploring the world, while beating up enemies with your mad skills.


If you love cutesy anime– like Sailor Moon, then this is your game. The characters are small, child-like anime. The 3D world is brightly colored and full of life. The combat graphics are pretty intense too. When you use your abilities, sparks of color swirl around your opponent, and when your enemy is stunned stars appear.

Beautiful animation makes the world of Eden Eternal a delight to explore. Just on a side note, there actually is night and day in the game, which I thought was pretty cool. The world at dusk is wonderfully beautiful. If you go AFK for a period of time, your character will sit down on the grass and your pet will cuddle in your lap.

Even your enemies are cute. The rock beasts remind me of the rock giants from the console game Skylanders. The interface in general is a little cluttered around the bottom of the screen, but really, what MMO isn’t a bit cluttered?

With the lack of realistic details, Eden Eternal immerses you into the happy fantasy land. It is a colorful and pleasant escape from reality.

Bottom Line

Eden Eternal is super fun, super friendly, and full of action and adventure. With cute anime that doesn’t feature hyper-sexualized women, this game reaches out to a wide audience. Instead of falling into a world full of creepy guys playing as sexy women avatars, you can travel the world as a cute anime character– even a giant bear man.

Save the world by using your epic combat skills. If you haven’t played Eden Eternal you are missing out. If you have played the older versions, you should seriously re-download. The updates added a lot of cool stuff: new races, more customization, new skills and weapons. Its epic, so come on in. You might even find me in there somewhere, because Eden Eternal is great and surprisingly addicting.