The world of Atreia has seen many battles and hardships. The MMORPG world has been locked in combat for four years, and the creators of Aion– NC Soft– will be celebrating throughout the month of September.

The Alchemist Event will be the first of the celebration and will last from the 4th to the 18th. Alchemy, historically- was a science seeking to turn ordinary metal, like lead, into precious metal, specifically gold. In Aion’s Alchemist Event, you will be turning lead into a golden key; With that golden key, you can get loot. You will be turning Lead into loot.

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There are two parts to the event.

Part one:
Everyday, starting a 9AM, visit the Suspicious Alchemist (NPC) for a key pouch. you will get one of two keys: gold or copper. The copper key opens a common treasure box, and the gold key will open the premium treasure box. Obviously, you know which one you hope to get!

Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 7.17.59 PM

Part Two: Making your own keys, alchemist style.Alchemist pouches will drop from mobs and instances. You will either get a lead fragment or Alchemic essence. If you combine both of the items, you will create a key pouch.

Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 7.18.10 PM

You can find NPCs and treasure boxes in one of three locations in each faction’s realm; Asmodian’s locations are Pandaemonium, Tiamaranta, and Katalam; Elyos’ locations are Sanctum, Tiamaranta, and Katalam.


For more information and a list of rewards check out Aion’s site.

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Aion Celebrates Its 4th Anniversary