Anime MMORPGs have become an increasingly popular style of the genre in the last few years, particularly in the free to play space. These MMORPG games have art styles in line with traditional anime and are instant favorites among gamers and anime lovers alike. Explore the unique worlds, breathtaking views, stunning graphics, and immersive storylines of our favorite anime MMORPGs for yourself!

Best Free to Play Anime MMORPGs

Being that anime MMORPGs are booming in popularity lately, there is a huge selection of available games to choose from. Unfortunately some of these games do not quite live up to expectations in many ways, whether it be graphically, gameplay, or storyline issues. Browse our carefully curated list of anime MMORPGs below to see our favorite games in the genre. Every single one of these anime MMORPGs offers amazing rreplayability, in depth stories, immersive gameplay, and an overall fun factor that will wow you! Best of all, they are all free to play!