Naruto Online

February 18, 2017 8:23 pm

Naruto Online

Enter the world of Naruto where you play as a ninja following the adventures of Naruto and Company through the story of the series proper, only from the front lines. With Artwork designed from the original series artwork you are practically playing through the episodes as the cast plays their parts around you, and when its time to battle you will be right there with them in the middle of the fray

Story Based Gameplay

Follow the Story of the original saga of Naruto, with Ninja from the show joining you or even fighting you as the story calls forr in you journey to become the ultimate Ninja!

Choose your Ninja

With three recruits representing the elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning and Wind you have your own avatar in your adventure with the Crew of Naruto to level and train as you like.

Form your Squad

With the ninja you know from the Naruto series you can form squads and prepare yourself for whatever challenges the story throws at you, with options for position and attacks available to both you and your ninja companions you can strategize combinations and weakness of your opponents to exploits.

The World o Naruto yours to Explore

When not fighting or looking for your next fight the world of Naruto is fully realized for you to wander, with encounters set up in certain areas for you to find, treasures hidden in the world on occasion, or just the world you’ve always wanted to step into here for you to experience