Stronghold Kingdoms

February 18, 2017 9:24 pm

Stronghold Kingdoms

Build your Kingdom in this Real-World Time Strategy game, where you aren’t just building up a single town, but eventually building up an entire Nation. While the game starts you off with one small town to your name you will be in contact with those around you from nearly the start discussing trade, political state and locale adversaries until the time comes when one or both of you decide it is time to grow in power, where you can agree to form a powerful alliance, or simply take all that they have grown for your own and move on to the next conquest.

A World Populated by Players

You are not alone in this world, while there are non player encounters to be found you and the towns around you are formed by other players, so there is always something to communicate between you as you grown your stronghold.

Persistent World

Because the world around you is formed by others playing there aren’t the usual limits to what is going on of when the game says so, any player can pick up the game and decide they want to deal with you, either peacefully or otherwise, and you have to come up with a response also in real time, so there is almost always something to do.

Limitless Production

You aren’t just bound to a single plot of land, not even a single region, you can take on the whole world given the time and resources, and with those resources you can amass an army the likes few other games can provide.