Vikings: War of Clans

February 18, 2017 7:58 pm

Vikings: War of Clans

Vikings is a Real-World time strategy game placing you in the throne of a viking kingdom as the leader who will grow it in power and dominion over the land. Explore a map populated by other players and fight for resources, find unguarded treasures, and form alliances so that you can grow stronger together.

Build your Base

Build your base to fill your needs, with 11 buildings required to run your Town and room for 15 buildings of your choosing based on how you want to play, with Barracks to make your troops stronger, Manors to accelerate their training and produce silver for you to build more, and Infirmaries to get them back on the battlefield faster.

Create an Army

With 30 different Troops available to form units to go out and fight, spread out throughout 5 different classes each with advantages and disadvantages against others, giving you plenty of variety in how you want to man your assaults.

Form Clans to share your strength

With a world populated by other players with resources waiting to be wrested from their stores and just as many looking to do the same to you form alliances with stronger players, weaker, or those of the same strength to share in the bounty of your Victories.

Accelerated building with Micro-Transactions

If you don’t have time to wait around or want to catch up to other players payment methods are available to speed up the production rate in your base and ready you for battle sooner rather than later.