Conan Exiles

February 13, 2017 10:18 pm

Conan Exiles

You are a hyborian outcast, banished to the wastelands with the other all of the other unwanted to survive, or be killed, in an unforgiving land where only your might will decide your fate. Fight, build and dominate your world alone or with friends in the Barbaric world of Conan Exiles.

Explore the vast world set before you in search of supplies and thralls to serve you, a largely desert landscape awaits with ruins of fallen cities, bandit camps and abominations of flesh who will tear your own asunder to assure their own survival. Break the wills of those who you wish to serve you and grow your ranks for you and your allies own prosperity, and found a new life for yourself in the wake of the old one you have lost. Prove to your old gods your fealty towards them with sacrifices and conquest in their name to bless your ventures, or chose a new god to placate into delivering your fury down on all who would oppose you. The world is a harsh one where only he strong survive, so prove yourself the strongest and bend it to your own will.

Survive the Wasteland

You are in contest with the other creatures of this land, and will have to fight for food, water and shelter to live long enough to see the next dawn. Whether you are here to build a new kingdom or destroy someone else don’t forget to keep yourself sated or just become more bones in the sand.

A large crafted world to explore

The world of Conan Exiles has been crafted from the lakes and ruins to the Beasts that roam and the bounties of the world for you to exploit all in waiting for you to come and seize them. Don’t fall victim to the whims of an unknown fate rolling the dice for what you can and cant acquire in our quest for power.

Command your army

The world is filled with enemies waiting to be broken into thralls for your service, and to commit duties as you would have them such as arming your men, healing your wounded, feeding your troops, or dying in your stead, there are always bodies ready to be made into willing servants as you would have them.

Appease your God

Of course if the creatures of the realm prove to weak to serve you justly or have reached the extent of their usefulness they, willing or unwilling, will make suitable offerings to call down the strength of the god you serve, and cn earn enough favor to call down powerful avatars you can control for a time that cannot be matched by man in their sheer power.

Alone or with others

You can explore the wastes of Hyboria on your own, open a private server for a few of your friends to ally with you in your efforts, or take them with you and foray into the public and official servers where you are at the mercy of others just as much as they may one be at yours.