Conquer Online

June 25, 2015 2:50 pm

Conquer Online Review

Conquer Online is a 2D massively multiplayer online role-playing fantasy game (MMORPG) by TQ Digital. With an enormously large player base and a ton of innovative and original (at least within the MMO industry overall) features, it’s quite easy to see just how Conquer Online has become arguably one of the most popular fantasy MMORPG’s on the Internet today.  We will be helping you make your decision on this game today, with our Conquer Online Review.

Conquer Online Review – The Basics

So how does it play?

Starting with what everyone starts with in the game, character customization isn’t one of Conquer Online’s strongpoints but is deep enough to not warrant anyone giving up playing the game from the get-go. True, you can only select your player’s gender and class at the outset, but just keep in mind that most of the character customization comes in-game as you level up and gain experience. Basically, there’s a lot of character customization to be had, just not in the beginning of the game. So remember that going into things if you’re a fan of fine tailoring your character from the very beginnings of your role-playing adventures.

Unlike many other role-playing games (which feature the three basics of warrior, rogue and mage) Conquer Online features quite an impressive array of classes to choose from, clocking in at five total classes to pick from.

Conquer Online Review – The Graphics

In regards to everyone’s favorite game feature, the graphics of Conquer Online aren’t one of its strong suits either. This isn’t to say that the graphics are bad though, it’s just that most people will view the 2D perspective as vintage, retro or not cutting edge (if you will). In reality, the graphics are quite colorful and full of eye-pleasing complimentary effects, with even the landscape touches like trees and bushes looking quite realistic from the viewpoint of the games cartoon-esque flavor.

While some may find the Conquer Online interface one of the problems with the game, it is not so much poor as it is simple and uncomplicated. And once you get further and further into the game and leveling up and gaining more experience with your created character, the easier you can see the reasons as to why TQ Digital did this. Things can get pretty multi-faceted and hectic the further along you get in the game, so while at first glance the simple and straightforward interface might appear to be a hindrance or that the developers simply didn’t decide to spend much time on it, just wait things through and you’ll see that it will ultimately end up working to your advantage.

Before we get into the many good things that Conquer Online does right though, let’s first touch on the final gripe that most players (including yours truly) had with the game. The enemy/monster sprites that are used – while expressive and seeming to lend itself strongly to the overall theme of the game at first – end up becoming recycled quite a bit later on in the game. Certainly a gripe that one could overlook and indeed, it is one I strongly suggest that you do because there is a most excellent MMO to be experienced in Conquer Online.  Let’s get on to the pro’s of this game, our Conquer Online Review isn’t all bad.

Conquer Online Review – The Gameplay

Now it’s time for the good stuff, yes? To start, the core gameplay of Conquer Online is probably one of the best you’ll be able to find in regards to any massively multiplayer online game currently existing on the market today. Not only is it gloriously fast-paced and (at times) gorgeously fluid, the animations for skills, spells and the generalized mayhem that exists in the game is simply awesome to behold.

In addition to skills you learn per your selected class, there exists what are known (commonly known if you’re a veteran of other TQ Digital games) as XP Skills. In layman’s terms, these skills are ones that can be used about every 4-5 minutes or so and that can deal a ridiculous, astronomical amount of damage if used in the right context and at the right time. While some people have had a problem with these XP Skills with some of TQ Digital’s past games, the game mechanic works just swimmingly in Conquer Online and ultimately helps to make leveling up exciting and fun rather than merely being a chore (until your character is moderately powered up, at least).

Conquer Online Review – PvP Combat

For any of you who are fans of open player vs. player (PvP) games, well, you’re in for a treat when it comes to playing Conquer Online as it has arguably the best open PvP system currently existing in fantasy MMORPG’s today. Have you ever wished a game would implement PvP tournaments of some sort into the gameplay? Well, wish no more as TQ Digital – for all of the gripes and complaints that many players oftentimes have about them as a game publisher/developer – has heard your wishes and implemented it into Conquer Online in a way that is just… well, in a word, let’s just say that it’s addictive. Very, very addictive!

All in all, while at first glance one might raise an eyebrow or even grimace at the look of Conquer Online, it’s not all for naught. Since the game doesn’t have ridiculously and insanely detailed graphics, practically anyone can play the game – even those with incredibly poor desktops or laptops. And since the graphics can be run so smoothly and quickly by the game engine, well, it’s all made up for when you see just how fast, frantic and positively beautiful combat and overall gameplay can get in Conquer Online.

Conquer Online Review – The Final Word

If you’re willing to not judge a book by its cover so to speak (or rather, so to bother from an overly-used phrase), then you’ll find much to enjoy and experience in Conquer Online. Its fast-paced, its frantic, it’s buckets of fun and its addictive. It’s quite, quite addictive – and that’s not even taking into account the PvP tournaments that are held regularly within the game framework. Those… those are just free-time slaughterers of the highest nature.

In the end, even if you are a graphics snob when it comes to your MMORPG’s, you owe it to yourself to at least try out Conquer Online. If you do enough digging and spend enough time with it, your efforts and persistence will no doubt payoff. In spades!

We hope you enjoyed our Conquer Online Review.  Once you try this game out (and you owe it to yourself to do so), let us know how you like it in the comments below!