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November 10, 2011 9:52 pm

Allods Review – Why You Should Play

Allods Review

We’ll floor you with the results of our Allods Review – Allods may very well be the best free mmorpg out there today.

It has been said that the World of Warcraft, while surely once the king of MMORPG’s, has been dethroned quite thoroughly by Allods. And with good reason, as Allods has fast become arguably the most popular MMORPG by simply existing as an immensely fun, in-depth and immersive game – straight to its core and then some.

But is Allods for you, you’re no doubt asking yourself? Would you find it as immensely fun, in-depth and immersive as so many others have already? Well, I daresay that it is indeed for you but feel free to read the whole Allods Review to make the most sound decision to this question.

Allods Review – The Basics

Many players, upon finding out that Allods is a fantasy MMORPG with sci-fi elements, are quite surprised and befuddled. Indeed, the two atmospheres rarely go together, but trust me when I tell you that they come together like peas and carrots – or lamb and tunafish, if that’s your thing.

Perhaps the most appealing part of Allods is that it’s completely free to play. There are no subscription fees required at all to get started, and while there are certain locations, items, weapons and other gear that can be acquired by buying them, there’s certainly enough of all of the aforementioned things and then some to last you months upon months playing through the game. And for free to boot – who would have thunk it?

Both kids and moms agree – not only that Kix is deliciously tasty, but also that Allods strongest point is its story. Most MMO’s sacrifice story since by their very nature, it’s quite difficult to weave a strong, entertaining story together with so many online players playing all at once. But Allods manages to do so and its arguably what hooks the vast majority of players from the start.

Allods Review – The Story

The game takes place after the annihilation of the planet Sarnout, which ultimately led to the formation of the floating islands within space called – you guessed it! – Allods. You can choose to fight for either the Empire or the League and unsurprisingly, the character creation and customization in the game is simply unrivaled in the MMO world.

Choosing between six races, eight different playable classes and a ridiculously jaw-dropping 28 separate archetypes, Allods does not have the common MMO problem of seeing the same type and design of player characters roaming throughout the world.

Upon creating your character, you’ll begin the lovely task of starting in a training area as with most other MMORPG’s. However – and this is where Allods begins to distance itself from its MMO competition – you’ll undertake your tutorial that is thickly laced with the storyline of the game. As I said before, this is where many people get hooked playing Allods, straight from the start, and you’ll likely find yourself nodding in agreement once you get started in the world. It’s just so refreshing and enjoyable. Tis unfortunate that such things are actually surprising to us as MMO players but let’s not take anything away from Allods accomplishments. It does practically everything right.

Allods Review - Allods Gameplay

Allods Review – The Graphics

In regards to graphics, Allods’ are some of the best in the industry. The World of Warcraft comparisons are apparent throughout and this is especially so in regards to both the graphics and overall look and feel of the game. Thankfully, since Allods exists in a fantasy framed within sci-fi framework, it doesn’t at all feel like a knock-off of WoW in the least. Instead, it feels just like it should – like its very own, living, breathing world — a world that you’ll no doubt have some trouble leaving throughout your journeys there.

As if all of this weren’t enough, Allods takes its sci-fi feel and setting to another level with establishing, in addition to the obvious and well-crafted PvP  – wait for it… wait for it… – airship PvP. Yes, that’s right. Airship PvP. It’s just as amazing and fantastic as it sounds in theory and it quite literally takes the game to a whole other level in regards to its fellow MMO competitors.

I’m not going to lie, I arched an eyebrow and wondered how in the world the game developers would be able to combine the fantasy and sci-fi elements when I first heard of it as well. You likely did the same when first hearing of it. However, and believe me when I say this, it works positively swimmingly. They make it work and after an hour or so in the game, you won’t even be thinking about it at all. As you’re playing Allods, you simply accept that it is a world of combined fantasy and sci-fi elements. The storyline, world and its history are so well fleshed out that it’s just amazing.

Allods Review – The Final Word

If this Allods Review sounds a bit too glowing for you, I apologize. As I said before (and I will likely say again), Allods is not just a breath of fresh air in the MMORPG genre, but it’s taken it to an entirely different level. Indeed, and this is great for all of us MMO fans and players, Allods has become the standard by which other MMO’s should judge themselves. It aims to do everything well and doesn’t skimp on anything at all. It’s easy to see that the people who made Allods actually cared about crafting a high-quality, enjoyable MMO and its nice to see the game and its developers taking the MMO industry to entirely new and exciting heights.

If you’re still reading this and still wondering if Allods is for you, well – I’m not really sure what else I can say. The graphics are great. The combat and PvP elements (ALL of them) are simply amazing. The playerbase of the game, surprisingly, is filled with competent players who are just looking to have a good time and enjoy the story. Sure, there are trolls throughout as in any MMO, but I was surprised at just how little of them there seemed to be in Allods.

We hope you enjoyed our Allods Review, and we look forward to your comments after playing.  So stop reading this right now. And go and start playing Allods. You can thank me later… if you ever stop playing!

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  • Ethan

    I love Allods after trying it out. the space genre is my favorite type of game. i cant wait for star wars the old republic! i was a huge star ocean fan as well and Allods really brought that feel to the mmorpg game genre. Allods will definitely hold me over until SWTOR comes out since I cant get a SWTOR beta cide