Flyff Review

November 18, 2011 5:25 pm

In the MMO industry – in regards to MMORPG’s in particular – there isn’t much variation on the proven and requisite formula, with said formula mainly consisting of fantasy themes and mages/wizards, rogues and warriors. And it’s with good reason that this formula is so very prevalent within the industry as it works and it’s proven to be extremely entertaining. Still, it’s nice to have something different every now and then. Something fresh and a changeup in lieu of the fastballs you’re so used to playing. Our Flyff review will show you exactly why Flyff is that needed change of pace!

 The Basics of Flyff

Flyff stands for Fly For Fun and just as you’d expect, it consists of a flight-based game mechanic, although we’ll talk more about this later. As with most other MMO’s, you start out as a beginner class and then choose a more specialized advanced class when you reach a certain level. While the experience gaining process is easy and fast-paced when you first start out, once you advance into the late level 20’s and 30’s, it begins to slow down and is much tougher to continue advancing in level.

Flyff Classes

There are four main classes, which we will cover in our Flyff review, with each main classes consisting of two specialization choices in regards to advanced classes. In the interests of expressing just how different and breath of fresh air that Flyff is, we’ll outline the classes and their specializations below.

Acrobats are ranged specialists in the game. Since the game relies so heavily on aerial movement and combat, you can imagine how versatile and powerful such a class can become. They can choose to specialize in either yo-yo ranged weapons via the advanced Jester class or the more traditional bow via the advanced Ranger class.

Assists are the main support class in the game, primarily assisting other player with buffs or enemies with debuffs. While this doesn’t sound very powerful, the class can learn some pretty powerful Area of Effect (AoE) spells. They can choose to specialize in either melee knuckle weapons via the advanced Bill Poster class or more powerful buff spells via the advanced Ringmaster class.

Magicians unsurprisingly are the primary spell casters in the game. While they have extremely low health points (HP), they make up for this by being able to deal some extremely heavy damage. They can choose to specialize in elemental style magic via the advanced Elementalists class or in psychic/mind magic via the advanced Psykeepers class.

Mercenaries are the primary melee combatants in the game (see: warriors). As such, they can both deal and be dealt melee blows to the extreme, but are quite susceptible to magic of any kind. They can choose to specialize in the sword and shield style via the advanced Knight class or the dual weapon style via the advanced Blade class.

Flyff Graphics

It wouldn’t be the Flyff review without talking about graphics! As with the rest of the game, the graphics of Flyff are incredibly original and different from most other Anime MMORPGs. Basically, it’s an absolute treat to play through the game world. The game is designed as a Japanese MMO clone if that tells you anything about the overall graphics, theme and game mechanics – or at least to any of you who have experience playing any of the popular Japanese MMO’s or MMORPG’s.

While the overall look and feel of the game is quite lighthearted, don’t mistake such things as suggesting the game isn’t serious. The game delves into some pretty heavy-handed themes and storylines and while it manages to keep it light-hearted throughout, it’s never to the point where it sacrifices one from effectively taking the game seriously in the long-term.

As a word of warning to any who are fairly new to the MMO realm, Flyff doesn’t have an official, holding your hand the entire time tutorial. At least not in the vein of what the other popular MMO’s offer when you first start playing the games. This isn’t to say that this is a drawback as there are still helpful hints and tips that pop up during the start of the game (you can turn these off if you’re a more advanced player, of course), but it’s worth knowing about if you are indeed relatively new to playing massively multiplayer online RPG’s.

 Gameplay Basics

As stated earlier in the Flyff review, the gameplay, combat and overall theme focuses heavily on flight. And just as there is a wide array of different classes and types of characters to choose from, there is also a massively wide array of different ways you can choose to fly through the game world. Whether it’s the traditional flying broom or something a bit more wacky and customized like a flying skateboard, the character you create is further customized by which of the many methods you choose to fly throughout the world.

And boy is it a blast to fly around the world in Flyff. Since the combat is often integrated into the flying throughout the game, it’s absolutely imperative that you get a feel for flying as soon and as early as possible. And the thrill and sheer entertainment value of flying anywhere you want simply cannot be expressed in words. Never before has a game – at least in my opinion – captured the sheer thrill and excitement of flying over vast spaces on something as simple as a broom. You truly do feel as if you’re flying all around on your flying vehicle/object of choice. As such though, if you’re the squeamish type and/or tend to get sick on amusement park rides that go round and round and jounce you this way and that, you may become a bit queasy in Flyff.

Flyff Review – The Final Word

All in all though, Flyff presents a breath of fresh air and months upon months of exploration, combat and good old-fashioned flying fun. If you can get over the generalized light-hearted nature of the game, you’ll ultimately be rewarded by the sheer depth and complexity that the game presents you. Put the time in and you’ll be well-rewarded.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Flyff Review! Please comment below on what you think of the game.

See you around in the air!