Last Chaos

November 4, 2011 9:05 pm

Last Chaos Review

Trying to decide whether to play Aeria Games hit fantasy MMORPG Last Chaos or not? Then you’ve landed in the right place – allow us to make your decision for you with our Last Chaos review. If upon playing Last Chaos you get the inkling of deja vu, than don’t shrug it off. It’s with good reason. Namely because Last Chaos is the spiritual successor to Lineage 2 with both of which being made by game developer NCSoft.

If you were a fan of Lineage 2 at all, than you’ll find a whole lot more to love with Last Chaos. Not only have a whole host of features been added but the graphics have been improved drastically and the overall formula and mechanics of the game have been enhanced and shined to a nice, bright sheen. Much brighter than the predecessor.

Last Chaos Graphics

Granted, the graphics — at least by current standards — aren’t going to be dropping any jaws these days, but they do manage to do the trick and immerse you in the world as a whole. Animations are smooth and detailed and class-specific animations are just as enjoyable, such as the rogue’s tendency to jump and spring through the air when even using a simple attack against an enemy. A word to the wise – don’t pick fights with self-styled assassins

Many players will find a ton to love with what is termed as the E.R.A.S. system in Last Chaos, which ultimately allows players to not only just attack a single enemy completely, but also several different enemies within a grouped radius of their attack zone. It’s quite enjoyable and breathtaking to behold when your character simultaneously takes out 3-4 different enemies in one fell swoop. It truly does make you feel like a straight badass. And isn’t that what we’re all really looking for in a MMORPG?

Classes of Last Chaos

For those of you who are a fan of a diverse array of classes to choose for your created character, there’s a lot to love in regards to Last Chaos’ six — count em SIX — different class types. A brief breakdown of each is provided (kindly, might I add) for you below.

Last Chaos – Titans

Titans are extremely powerful, melee-specializing beasts of warriors. They use their massive size, extremely immense strength and fierce battlelust to straight destroy and bludgeon their enemies. As with all types of big, hulking melee warriors, their hit points are usually very high and they primarily focus on dealing as much damage as humanly possible in the least amount of time. They don’t have much in the way of magic defense and are most certainly not known for their speed and agility. Upon reaching the level 31, the Titan class can become either Highlanders (Axe Wielders) or Warmasters (Sword Wielders).

Last Chaos – Knights

Knights are extremely adept and powerful warriors of the melee specialization who possess an extremely high defensive rating and blazingly fast HP recovery. While they do less overall damage than the hulking Titans, they don’t have as pathetic of a magical defense to counteract this. Upon reaching Level 31 Knights can become either Royal Knights (wielding Dual Swords) or Templar Knights (wielding Short and Shield). Both equally as bad-ass, honestly. You really can’t go wrong in this game when it comes to choosing specializations — unless you mess up and pick a horrible class, of which that — thankfully — Last Chaos does not have such a problem.

Last Chaos – Sorcerers

Sorcerers are exactly what you’d expect — deadly magic wielders who focus on offensively damaging magic and summoning abilities of all various kinds. Like most magic users, they have an extremely low overall defense. Once they reach level 31 though, Sorcerers can become the extremely strong Elementalists (wielding a specialization in Fallarm magic) or the just as intimidating Specialists (wielding a specialization in Scythe magic).

The three above classes, unfortunately, are confined to male characters. Alternatively, the three listed below are confined to female characters.

Last Chaos Mages

Mages are essentially female Sorcerers and are not surprisingly the primary magical damage dealers in the wondrous game of Last Chaos. They have ridiculously powerful long-ranged attacks and an obscenely large pool of mana, but they are also depressingly weak in regards to melee combat, actually possessing the lowest defense in the game overall. Upon reaching level 31 Mages can become Witches (specializing in wand lore) or Wizards (specializing in staff lore). Don’t ask in regards to the confusing specialty names not making sense when it comes to gender — we didn’t get it either. But it’s awesome, so who really cares?

Last Chaos – Rogues

Rogues are essentially female Titans or Knights but instead of being obscenely powerful and strong, they’re insanely quick and deadly. They’re less armored than other classes in the game and as such, take more damage in melee, but there deadly skills and tactics more than make up for this. Upon reaching level 31 rogues can become either Assassins (specializing in dagger combat) or Hunters (specializing in crossbow combat).

Last Chaos Healers

Healers are unsurprisingly the main support class in the game and are obviously, incredibly useful when it comes to healing and any other support spells you can think of. They have low health and overall defense which makes them a consistent target, but the fact that they can regain their own health and life as well as their teammates makes them powerful in their own right. Upon hitting level 31, Healers can choose to specialize as either Clerics (wielding scepters) or Archers (wielding bows).

Last Chaos Review – The Final Decision

All in all, Last Chaos is positively fantastic. If you’re in the mood for a fantasy MMORPG that will give you hours upon hours — nay, DAYS UPON DAYS worth of fun and entertainment, than simply look no further. It’s an amazingly fun and in-depth good time! So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and play Last Chaos for free!

We hope that you enjoyed our Last Chaos Review, and please feel free to leave your own thoughts about the game in the comments section on this post! We’d love to hear your stories from playing the Last Chaos MMORPG as well, so please, let’s hear some more opinions.

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  • Jeff

    This game rocks! I was a huge Lineage fan and after reading your review I wanted to play it instantly. Thanks for introducing me to Last Chaos I will be playing this one for a long time