June 25, 2015 2:40 pm


It’s pretty simple, and the controls are strictly limited to the mouse. You can move around and interact with the environment by clicking on certain spots that will be highlighted with golden glowing spheres. Players can explore the different chat rooms, which have fun and unique aspects. IMVU is basically a bunch of chat rooms, but they are set in 3D, with 3D avatars. There are chatrooms that are more abstract, like a lone tree with a bench known as A Lunar Tree, others are random places you might find in the real world, like clubs, homes, parks, lounges and more. Avatars can interact with other avatars, hugging, blowing kisses, high fives, tickling, taunting and plenty more.


The graphics aren’t amazing, and range anywhere from big-headed anime stylized avatars and scenes to the more realistic. There is a wide range of chat rooms to hang out in, so players are sure to find a place that suits their personality and style. The interface is fairly intuitive.

Bottom Line

If you want to chat, and make friends and hang out, meeting new people, then IMVU is a fun place to do that. You can be whoever you want, and make connections with people like you.