Starcraft Remaster

March 26, 2017 1:44 pm

The long rumored Remake of Starcraft is Finally official

Having come out nearly 2 decades ago and still a mainstay of the online competitive community Starcraft is a game that… Hasn’t aged well to say the least. If you try to play it today if you can even get it to run on modern Computers it still is a low resolution, CPU locked, primitive controlled nightmare. That’s not to say it isn’t still worth all the suffering to play through one of the granddaddies of RTS, but soon you wont have to. Its been whispered about for a while now, with the most damning evidence being an issue a while back where Blizzard pulled a Starcraft 1 to Starcraft 2 conversion mod from their community sites, showing a clear interest in it themselves.

Now the theorizing and rumoring over the matter is over, with an official announcement from Blizzard announcing that the Game will be making its return in 2017. Unlike what many people expected if such a thing came about the game is actually coming back in all its original 2 dimensional glory, instead of being ported to a more modern 3d engine. The update is coming with expanded resolution though, new HD textures, and some modern tweaks to the controls such as multi button mouse support, expanded keyboard and ZOOM, something that will serve the game well now that you can actually make your units out from the muddy field of Pixels you get trying to upscale the old game as it was.

No word yet on if this Remaster will cover or support all the expansions, with the events of Brood Wars in particular playing rather heavily into the events in Starcraft 2, but We’re sure that details will be available soon. Either way look forward to the games return with a new modern flair sometime this year.