Marvel: Avengers Alliance

September 20, 2013 3:58 am

Play alongside your favorite superheroes as they investigate a new potential threat.As usual, the world is under attack by a super villain, only this time you get to help save the world. Team turn-based combat, like classic final fantasy, is featured in this Facebook MMO. Connect with your friends and build your team of superheroes to fight in dangerous missions or even head to head combat with other players. Marvel Avengers Alliance is a dream come true for many Marvel fans. Sign up Free and get started on your plight to save the world!


Starting out, players must choose from one of five classes:

Blaster – Blasters have low defenses, but deal powerful critical hits. Heroes that are considered blasters include Iron Man, Human Torch, Storm, Dr. Strange, Phoenix, Scarlet Witch, and Ms. Marvel.

Bruiser – Bruisers can activate “enraged” mode which boosts certain stats. Bruiser Heros are Hulk, Thor, Thing, and Colossus.

Infiltrator – These heroes are known for their devastating counter-attacks and combat reflexes. Infiltrators include: Spider-Man, Black Widow, Gambit, and Night crawler.

Scrapper – Scrappers have precise aim and powerful attacks.Some popular Scrappers include: Wolverine, Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Sif.

Tactician – Tacticians feature the strongest defense abilities among the classes.The Tactician class includes: Captain America, Mr. Fantastic, Hawkeye, War Machine, Cyclops, Emma Frost, and Black Panther.

Each class has its strengths and weaknesses,which is part of what makes Marvel Avengers Alliance stand out from other Facebook MMOs, making strategy an important factor in gameplay. For example,  when battling Infiltrators, Scrappers receive a second follow-up attack; even though Infiltrators are weak against Scrappers, they are powerful against Tacticians.

The game centers around combat. You unlock new heroes to use in battle against super villains. There are around 40 heroes available to unlock and an equally diverse number of villains to battle. Players can purchase upgrades and weapons to enhance their battle skills, which will come in handy during PvP. Considering the social aspect of Facebook, players can get aid from their friends to advance. Due to the fact every battle requires energy, Marvel Alliance is addicting without being too overwhelming (you can’t sit down and play for hours, which can be a good thing). However, friends can speed up the waiting process by sending you gifts of free energy.

You are welcomed to the game by Nick Fury, which gives the game a real comic book feel. The story line also adds to the comic book immersion. For the true comic fans, there is a story tab in which you can glean more information and dialogue. After your fourth mission you unlock the PvP option. These matches are ranked, which adds another level of addiction as players try to compete to gain ranks on the ladder.


The two dimensional graphics are somewhat realistic and detailed, making you feel as if you have been sucked right into the pages of your favorite comic. The interface is smooth and easy to navigate. Dynamic music and action-packed sound effects are exciting and add to the forceful environment.

Bottom Line

With its strategy, action-packed combat, and immersive atmosphere, Marvel Avengers Alliance is unique and exciting. Perfect for comic fans and fun for the superhero clueless, Marvel Avengers Alliance is a must try game. It has over 3 million players already fighting to save the world from evil. Join in on the fun and compete for a top spot on the leader boards!