Dragon’s Prophet

September 20, 2013 2:41 am

Have you always wanted to capture and care for your own dragon? Dragon’s Prophet lets you do live your dreams in a world full of realistic graphics and dynamic gameplay. Take your dragon to the skies or combat on the ground. With over 300 different unique types of dragons, players will have no problem finding the right one (if only they can capture it). Dragon’s Prophet is more than just a “train your dragon” game and has many different features.


Players can choose from 4 classes:

Guardians– Skilled Swordsmen with heavy armor (basically a Tank). These guys are meant for the front line with their reckless and powerful attacks.

Ranger– like the name suggests, Rangers are ranged combatants. They take out foes from a distance using bow or guns.

Oracles– Magic users. Oracles rely on the teachings of their Draconic ancestors to manipulate the elements. Their magic includes defense and rejuvenation.

Sorcerer– More Magic users. These guys are powerful, utilizing the elements to rain down destruction. Their magic is more offensive than that of Oracles.

The options for body morphing are pretty extensive. If you want to make your character with specific body proportions it is completely possible; however, for many people it will just be an option to skip, a cool but complicated option.

The cut scenes are short, but keep the game moving with the storyline. The controls are pretty simple, but strange at first. Camera movement is done with the mouse—the camera moves as you move the mouse. Character movement is with the WASD keys and there is a plethora of hotkeys to remember. The lack of buttons on the screen makes the interface look very pleasing and smooth, but I’m not sure if the sleekness makes up for how difficult it is to remember all the hotkeys when you first start out. After a little bit of time in the game the keys become second nature, so don’t worry.

Dragon’s Prophet is a lot like other MMORPGs. You can do quests, fight, gain skills, and join guilds. The most interesting part of the game is the ability to capture dragons. So far I, unfortunately, haven’t been able to capture one of these powerful beasts. After activating the skill, you jump on to the dragon’s back and ride it like a wild bronco; if you fall off, then you have been unsuccessful in your attempt to tame the dragon. The taming is like a mini-game in which you have to use the WASD keys in order to stay centered on the dragon.


The graphics are decently high quality. The world graphics look realistic and give the player a deeply immersive feel. The graphics are part of what makes this game so addicting. Finally we have a game in which we can tame and take care of our own dragons and it doesn’t look like a cartoon.

The audio for this game also gives the game more depth. The music is soothing while on the trail and dynamic while in combat. The natural sound effects also give the game a more realistic immersive tone. As you walk down the trail you can hear the roars of dragons and the sweet chirping of birds simultaneously.

Bottom Line

Dragon’s prophet is a fun, addicting MMORPG. It is centered around combat and dragons. Even though Dragon’s Prophet is currently in Open Beta, it has a great concept, realistic graphics and engaging gameplay it already is better than most free MMOs already out there. This work in progress has potential. I can’t wait to see what more is in store for the future.

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