World of Tanks

June 25, 2015 3:45 pm

World of Tanks is a team based, 3D MMO shooter in which players take direct control of World War 2 era tanks. Gameplay and combat requires both teamwork and strategy, and with over a hundred different tanks to choose from – as well as up to sixty players per battle – World of Tanks offers tank-based conflict on an epic level never even imagined before.

Pros: Over 150 different armored vehicles to command; historically accurate renditions of American, British, Soviet, German and Chinese designed tanks; Up to 60 different players (and tanks) per battle; extremely unique gameplay.

Cons: No single player or PvE modes, unfortunately; pretty steep learning curve.


Set during the World War 2 era, World of Tanks also encompasses the years both preceding and following that infamous of conflicts. All of the vehicles, equipment and environments in World of Tanks are historically accurate and are also drawn from the 1930s to 1950s. Players sign-in using their email address and don’t have to worry about character creation – they just pick their preferred tank of choice and go.

New players have their choice between the Soviet MS-1 and a German Leichttraktor. These two tanks are light weight and won’t put up too much of a fight, but they are versatile and durable enough to at least learn the ropes.

Unfortunately, there’s no tutorial or trial round to speak of – although that likely may be a good thing in many people’s books.  And while World of Tanks is certainly proud of its historical accuracy (and with good reason!), it certainly doesn’t let it get in the way of a good time. The game is relatively easy to pick up and play once you get a hold of the basics, but it’s incredibly hard to master.


World of Tanks’ graphical engine really is quite impressive, and it only serves to bolster the historically accurate nature of the rest of the game. Whether it’s the completely customizable tanks themselves or the decrepit, crumbling castles in the distance, regardless of which area of World or Tanks you happen to find yourself in, you’re going to be suitably impressed.

It just really is a treat when a game of this caliber and this much depth manages to come along and possess a truly capable and impressive graphical engine as well.  


Is World of Tanks worth your time? It’s absolutely worth your time. Seriously, unless you happen to be the biggest World War 2 area stickler the world has ever seen, or just have a paralyzing fear of tanks for some reason, you’re going to find this game – just like everyone else who tries it does – absolutely amazing.

It’s fun, it’s visually impressive and when you throw in the fact that everything you’re seeing and playing is completely and historically accurate, it tends to stay with you emotionally long after you log off as well. The tanks themselves are the real star, though, and the fact that they’re completely customizable – both in terms of offensive and defensive capabilities and outward appearance – well, you’re simply left with the type of game that absolutely everyone, regardless of age, gender or creed, needs to try at least once.

Stop reading this and go and play World of Tanks right this instant. You can then come back and thank us later…