By November 12th this year, we can expect to have our hands on World of Warplanes, a combat flight simulator MMO game by The game is based on military aviation and furthers the warfare theme as seen in World of Tanks. Players will be thrown into an all-out battle for air dominance, and will test their skills against both real opponents as well as AI-enemies. Players will be able to virtually build full-scale pilot careers, but not only that, they will also be given the opportunity to choose which era to generate in, starting from the 1930’s with biplanes leading up to 2013 with modern airships.

World of Warplanes will feature different ammo types, engines, as well as a diverse range of aircraft, each of them unique in their effectiveness, and players will be provided with three warplane class choices: single-engine light fighters, capable of engaging enemies in close quarters; heavy fighters with straight attacks, and ground-attack aircraft, a dangerous threat for ground targets. Players will be given the weaponry, information and practice to deliver an adequately creative and strategic performance. Expect to see it by the beginning of the seasons this year!

World of Warplanes