June 25, 2015 3:20 pm

Neverwinter brings the classic fantasy game Dungeons and Dragons to life in MMORPG format. Explore and defend the city as you search for long forgotten secrets and lost treasure. Classic roleplaying blends with action-packed combat and the epic story-telling Dungeons and Dragons fans have come to know and love to create an amazing MMORPG experience.


Players choose from 9 Races: Half-Orc, Human, Elf, Half-Elf, Drow, Dwarf, Hafling, Tiefling and High Elf. Each race has its own characteristics and abilities.

Players choose from 5 classes: Rogue, Cleric, Wizard, Fighter, and Guardian. Neverwinter plans to release a new class soon. The different choices are traditional in D&D gameplay.  Specific customization is extensive, from the specific hair color to the size of your feet, players can decide on many different customizations.

The controls are similar to the new MMORPG Dragon’s Prophet; Character movement with WASD and camera movement with the mouse, but camera movement in Dragon’s Prophet seemed to flow a little better compared with Neverwinter.

The early stages of the game plunge players into the fantastic reality of Neverwinter. Your character washes up on shore and after you get your first quest, sparkles like magic fireflies help you figure out your objective.

Unlike many other MMORPGs that are heavy in reading dialogue, most quest dialogue is brief and spoken. It adds to the game’s feeling of an alternate reality. Players can submerge themselves into their new character, much like you would in a classic D&D game.

Combat is an adrenaline rush, due to the fact that many monsters attack as soon as the player is in sight, so players have to be cautious when wandering through the wilderness.


The subtle music plays in the background like a whisper in your mind, foreshadowing dynamic battles and adventure. The music is only a quiet melody that doesn’t drown out the realistic sound effects, like the ocean waves and the seagull’s caw.

In addition to the wondrous audio, Neverwinter features beautiful graphics. The level of detail surprised me as I stood looking towards the camp from the beach shore. The ocean breeze swept through the grass at my feet and shadows danced on the tent in the distance. It is a very surreal feeling, which makes the atmosphere of Neverwinter highly immersive, fitting of a Dungeons & Dragons style MMO.

Bottom Line

Seeped in the story and lore, Neverwinter is an engaging and immersive MMORPG. The graphics are realistic and detailed. It is enough to make any D&D fan excited. Create your character, even write a back story in the biography section, and immerse yourself into this new world full of war and danger.