Probius Coming Soon

March 4, 2017 12:54 am

Construct Additional Pylons!

Looks Like Heroes of the Storm players are as sick of hearing it as everyone else, since Blizzard’s newest teaser introduces us to Probius. the little probe that will construct them for us. Slated to be a specialist Hero with a focus on Damage and a few slows at his disposal like many of the other specialists he will be doing his best to control the flow of a lane with a bit of setup required. The Pylons he summons are his means of Mana Regeneration, and provide team vision wherever they are placed, so keeping them in a convenient location and keeping them alive is going to be a tricky balance to maintain, but with abilities that are similarly set up before hand waiting for an unlucky opponent to set them off such as Warp RIft, that Slows Enemies and even explodes when hit by Probius’ Disruptor Pulse, or Photon Cannons that will blast to bit any enemies that come in range, you can definitely stand your ground and protect your all important resource supplying structures.

Probius will be releasing with his Standard Protoss Look as well as a Terran makeover if you picked the wrong team, so worry not! Exact release date hasnt been announced, but knowing Blizzard it wont be to long, and once he is you can find out here at MMO Spotlight