Pockie Pirates

May 25, 2013 6:15 pm

Pockie Pirates Review

Pockie Pirates is a 2D browser-based game with anime styled graphics and a side-scrolling combat system. Players will take on the task of being a young pirate just starting out their career on the Grand Line. You’ll be able to build your own crew, customize your own war ships and even join others in the legendary race to find the long-fabled One Piece.

  • Publisher: Game321
  • Number of players: Moderate
  • Type of MMO: Anime MMO
  • EXP Rate: High
  • PvP: Dueling
  • Filesize: N/A
  • Worth Your Time: Most Likely

Pockie Pirates Pros:

  • Extremely large world
  • Fully customizable pirate ship
  • Customizable gear
  • Lush, colorful, anime-style graphics

Pockie Pirates Cons:

  • Relatively annoying auto-play feature
  • Paid players receive more benefits
  • Limited recruitment system

Pockie Pirates Gameplay

There are four main character classes in Pockie Pirates. They are:

Great Swordsman – Specializes in both magical and physical defense, but is certainly no slouch in the offensive department either. Although not very speedy, Great Swordsman’s can definitely be a problem if they catch you unawares.

Navigator – Magical attack and defense are the main purview for the Navigator, but unfortunately they tend to hit like a wet paper bag (which isn’t very hard at all if you’re not privy to such information).

Sniper – Specializing primarily in offensive attack power and speed, the Sniper’s defense is sub-par, but they’re especially vulnerable to magic (and also aren’t very good at casting it either).

Doctor – The Doctor is a sort of middling class, possessing decent speed and magic proficiency, but really nothing too ridiculously amazing when it comes to stats (at least starting stats that is).

Pockie Pirates Graphics

Pockie Pirates, at first glance, is actually pretty good looking. The graphics are nice, there’s very, very little in the way of lag, and there’s quite a few customization options in terms of characters, gear and warships.

The gameplay of Pockie Pirates, combat mechanics, and side-quests are varied and entertaining enough to warrant extended play, probably more than you’d like, especially for anyone who’s extremely fond of anime-style graphics in the first place!

Pockie Pirates Review – The Bottom Line

Pockie Pirates isn’t going to be winning any best-of game awards any time soon, but for what it sets out to accomplish, it’s certainly a unique and entertaining experience for a vast variety of MMO gamers of all ages. Just try and check your aversion to cute, overly-colorful anime style games or cartoons at the door (if applicable) and you should be good to go and enjoy Pockie Pirates for a long time to come.

Our Final Score for Pockie Pirates: 7.0 out of 10 stars

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