Scarlet Blade

May 25, 2013 7:50 pm

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Scarlet Blade is an extremely fierce, action oriented MMORPG, which pits players against mysterious invaders threatening to completely eliminate mankind. Or femalekind, actually…

With an all-female cast, extremely lush, colorful environments to explore and super action-packed combat, Scarlet Blade ultimately tells an epic, epic story. Whether you’re hopping into a mech for a while or exploring and increasing your own personal combat or defensive abilities, Scarlet Blade offers all sorts of different objectives, goals and enemies for your taking. Are you sick of fighting against the invaders plaguing the main story? No problem! Simply switch it up and participate in some PvP battles and you’ll be just as captivated as you were when you originally started the game!

First up, let’s take a look at the basics!

Publisher: Aeria Games

Number of players: Start-up


EXP Rate: Moderate

PvP: Yes

Filesize: Good-sized

Worth Your Time: Most Likely


Pros: Action RPG gameplay is quite excellent and keps the combat fresh; Absolutely massive PvP battles; Vast and varied environments; Extremely well-written, witty dialogue.

Cons: The all-female cast may turn some gamers away; Mature rating extremely limits playerbase; Lack of a lot of variation in the questing system.

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Each of the characters in Scarlet Blade has their own playstyle, giving it an extremely unique feel. Combat within the game is also solely action based, with various combos and other skills making it completely fluid and very dynamic. Each character in the game can also hop into a large mech for a short period of time as well, granting additional, new and extremely powerful abilities and vastly increased combat power. It really does present an entirely new and different way to play.

There are also six core playable classes in the game. They are as follows:


The Defender shatters through enemy lines with a whirlwind of different melee skills. A true survivor, intent on protecting her allies, her main purpose is rending enemies limb from limb, with a sword so large it can practically double as a shield!


As expected, the Medic is the only Arkana with a healer’s touch. This battle-angel shoulders the core responsibility for the lives of her entire party, however, she not only can simply dole out blessings in times of hurt, but also deal out her own serving of pain should the need arise.


A ranged destroyer, the Punisher specializes in blasting away at multiple enemies at once. Though her sisters leave both death and destruction in their wake, the Punisher blazes a trail through whoever dare to stand against her before they know they don’t even stand a chance.


Quick as lightning, most enemies won’t even know what hit them until it’s too late. Especialy since the Sentinel is specifically designed to appear deceptively non-threatening. Make no mistake, though — beneath her innocence lurks a much more mature bloodlust.


The Shadow Walker is a stealthy killer that prowls in the shadows and strikes with more devastating melee attacks than any other class. Her psychic powers can even render her invisible to any who lack the significant mental fortitude to spot her incoming death silo from the shadows.


Some have said that the Arkana archetypes were selected to represent humanity at its most noble… and most shameful. Looking like a devlish dominatrix from some evl dungeon, the Whipper is no doubt the best possible example of this. A powerful melee fighter with excellent range, though, the Whipper is certainly one to be taken seriously.

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The Graphics in Scarlet Blade won’t be winning any awards any time soon, but they certainly serve the purpose of creating a believable, detailed world. The atmosphere and character designs also offer quite a bit and since they’re customizable, should appeal to absolutely everyone regardless of specific interests.

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If you can get past the fact that it possesses an all-female cast, Scarlet Blade presents an excellent game with fast, frantic and visceral combat and an engrossing, well-written story. If you’ve been looking to truly feel like you’re dishing out death as an absolutely lethal combatant, you’d do well to give Scarlet Blade a go.

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FINAL SCORE: 7.5 out of 10 stars

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