Galio Rework Announced

March 6, 2017 3:55 pm

A Guardian is always prepared

Or at least… He will be soon. Currently sitting on an abysmal 0.41% play rate in his current main role, mid, Galios Rework has been talked about nearly as much as the recent Warwick one, but he’s been teased by Riot games in a short video and it looks like they’ve done a lot of changes to him. Instead of the weird Tanky Mage Support Anti-Mage position he used to hold it looks like now they are solidifying his position as an Engager and a tank, with a more aggressive looking Kit, and a more daunting, seemingly Darkin inspired, look that makes him look the part of standing between his enemies and his squishy allies more than his old Hulking gargoyle form ever could.

While his abilities have been shuffled around we do have a few details from the RIot Message board, such as confirmation that Galio will still be a Mid/Top Pick, and is still an Anti-Mage tank, and for those of you worried about his peeling potential he still has his AOE Taunt, though from the sound of it its a non-ultimate ability so its got more strategic use then trying to get in position and hope you catch everyone close enough that your long Cooldown trump card doesnt simply get Merc’d right out of for your trouble.

Galio will be available with the release of patch 7.6 so it is still a little while before we’ll get our hands on him being that it is still 7.4, and he will likely be dropped onto the PBE before that. We’ll keep you up to date on his information as it comes available here at!