Wildstar Primal Matrix

March 11, 2017 4:08 pm

Grow your characters past level 50

Just because you’ve hit the level cap doesn’t mean your characters are done getting stronger. The primal matrix has been live for a little while and its been getting some good reception so far, haven’t heard of it? Here’s the basic rundown. Once you’ve hit level 50 you gain access to the Matrix, which at first glance will look a little daunting but really isn’t all that complicated. Each Hexagon on the grid is one group of abilities, that you spend the Resource ‘Essence’ on, Available in Crimson, Cobalt, Viridian and the Rarer Violet, to unlock nodes which enhance your stats and abilities, and in some cases even grant you new ones. As you level nodes in your matrix further you’ll gain the ability to unlock paths to other higher tiered Hexagons based on your decisions, these paths are, much like the Ability nodes, locked out by Violet ones which is why they are harder to collect. As you advance further from the center things get more expensive, so for more power you will need to grind more essence from dungeons and expeditions.

Sound like things might get a bit hard as you level your matrix further? Well they will, but its not just going to be endless grind of the same old Runs. With the Introduction of the Matrix Dungeons such as the recent Coldblood Citadel or Expeditions such as Evil from the Ether have had increased difficulties introduced to them known as Prime Difficulty. In Prime Difficulty challenge is scaled to the peak of its potential, and the rewards are increased accordingly, so as you fill in your matrix you can Dominate those and make all the other raiders go awwww damn.

To Celebrate the event Wildstar is giving out free Level 50 Boosts until March 12th, so its expiring soon. If you want to take advantage of it get in soon and see how you like the new advancements.