Kings and Legends

September 22, 2013 8:46 pm

Kings and Legends is a fast-paced browser game with turn-based combat. If you enjoy games like Magic: the gathering or Final Fantasy: Tactics, then you will love this game. You can quest all over the map and defeat enemies, while attaining new cards as spoils of war.This game is also known as Ancient Summoner by a different publisher (GameBox).


A beautiful elf lady tells you the basics of the game. Goblins attempt to infiltrate your city, but you summon units, using cards, to defeat them in turn based combat. Your units are your soldiers, so to speak; they are creatures– elves, horsemen, etc.– that fight for you in battle. If you have ever played Magic the Gathering, then this game will be a really quick learn. The creatures on the battlefield have attack power and health that are represented like this (for example 2 attack, 3 health) 2/3.

When you achieve victory, you may be rewarded with a new card for your battle deck. After you complete most of the tutorial, you can choose your hero’s class from four classes: Warrior, Priest, Ranger, and Mage.  When you choose your class, you get a new card that matches the style of your class.

Warriors use their courageous skills to strengthen their allies and also deal heavy damage to enemies.

Priests specialize in healing and defense.

Rangers inflict damage and have impressive skills of battlefield control.

Mages manipulate the elements to inflict damage on enemies, and can even control the enemy’s creatures if they know the right spell.

You can also do quests to earn bonus experience, new cards, and coins. Before you go in to battle, check out all of your cards so you can create a deck specialized for your enemy, or you can auto-pick the cards for your deck. Although, when you fight an especially challenging enemy, it is best to handpick your deck to suit your enemy’s weaknesses.

There is the campaign mode, which centers around stories and conquering places on the map. If you really want to test your deck in this PvE, you can battle your way through 50 levels of increasing difficulty in the Ascension Tower. Of course, there is also PvP, so if you want to test your deck against other players, you can battle in The Arena. In The Arena, you can team up with a friend and battle 2v2, or prove the strength of your guild in a 4v4 battle.


The two dimensional graphics are adequate and don’t detract from gameplay. You play as a pre-made avatar. The style of the imagery is your typical ancient fantasy type, which makes you think of mystical medieval times.

The card artwork is pretty simple as well. It features your creature up against a textured background or other backdrop. The creatures have a few animated details. In general, the art of the game is pleasant, and not overpowering. The main focus of the game is on the strategy, not overly done graphics and confusingly cluttered interface.

Bottom line

Kings and Legends is a face-paced, engaging game that brings all the best aspects of summoning card gaming to life on a global scale. You can battle with your friends, battle against the myriads of goblins and other creatures. Join the thousands of people already locked in combat.

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