Drakensang Online

June 25, 2015 3:10 pm

Drakensang is an amazingly fun and interesting free-to-play MMORPG. This diablo-esque game takes you throughout the world on story-driven quests, where the enemy lurks in the shadows. The landscape is beautiful and surprising. Creatures literally stalk out of the grass in the wilderness to confront you in battle. When wandering you never know what you might find, but there is always adventure.

Come join the millions of players already locked in combat and wandering the vast world on amazing adventures.


You begin in the middle of the action, plucked from death by a goddess. She sends you on a quest to save your friend and along the way you learn to use your skills to fight off evil. The music in the game adds a depth in the tone. During the beginning, there is a sense of urgency pushing you in combat. After you leave the– what I think of as almost a tutorial island– you land in Grimford to continue your quest. The game is story-driven with the quests, but not limited to only quests.

There are daily challenges, including killing large throngs of monsters, completing quests, or even crafting objectives. Within the world of Drakensang, you can level up, battling with monsters out in the wilderness or visit the Gladiatoro to battle with other players. In the wild, as you travel from place to place, monsters seamlessly appear from the surrounding area. Always be on the lookout for danger!

As far as the navigation goes, it is uncomplicated, which is worthy of a sigh of relief. With MMORPGs becoming increasingly complex, Drakensang is a breath of fresh air. Movement and attack is mouse controlled, and your inventory, map, character stats, quests, skills and talents are just a keystroke away. There is no need to memorize the keys for all of the things I just previously mentioned. On a small bar above the screen, all of those things are within mouse reach. You can either click or use the keyboard. The chat screen is also optional. By clicking the double arrow, it will neatly tuck away out of sight.

Character Creation

You choose from three classes: Dragonknight, Spellweaver, or Ranger. You can choose the color of your hair and your height, but it doesn’t get more advanced.

As a Dragonknight, you focus on ruthless combat. Dragonknights have the blood of dragons running through their veins. They are brave and furious warriors.

Spellweavers value knowledge above all else. They use their spiritual powers to influence the world around them. The first power you start off with is Magic Missiles. Once you gain other powers, you can begin using the right click to aim and fire your attack.

Rangers are primarily archers but are also proficient with the blade. Quick, sure of foot and sound of mind, Rangers are  the balance between bow and blade.


The 3-D graphics are stunning, but not overpowering. The world is full of beautiful detail; butterflies flutter around in small groups; rain pours; muddy paths are edged with greenery. It is a realistic world that lures you into the fantasy. The lighting is gorgeous, and the paths are well marked so its hard to really get lost anywhere.

The Bottom Line

Drakensang is an amazing game that has only been out for a couple years (it went into open Beta July 2011). It is continuing to improve and grow content. The graphics are beautiful, and the gameplay is intriguing and easy to learn. The world of Drakensang is amazing. Join Drakensang today. Begin your adventure.

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