Digimon Masters Online

September 12, 2013 5:43 pm

Originally released in Korea, Digimon Masters was released to North America in 2009. For all the fans of the anime Digimon, Digimon Masters is a dream come true; you can explore the world fighting with your very own Digimon.


After picking from 4 tamers, you can choose from one of 4 digimon (Agumon, Gaomon, Lalamon and Falcomon). Then you can go out into the world. The beginning quests are kind of boring, but do familiarize you with the game’s mechanics. Speaking of which, the controls are easy enough younger gamers will have no problems. Movement is controlled by the mouse click and other options are easily accessible through hotkeys on the keyboard.

Quests advance the gameplay and the story. You can learn a lot of important information from the quests, so don’t skip over those.

Digimon Masters focuses on making your Digimon stronger. After reaching a certain level, your Digimon can Digi-volve into their next form. Higher forms are stronger and have a new skill set. The DATS center can help you add more attributes to your Digimon, if you have the right material. Additionally, DM allows players to unlock their Digimon’s elemental crests using the Digimental System.

If you do want to acquire more Digimon, there are two ways to do so. You can simply buy a Digi-egg from the cash store (the egg has a 100% hatching rate) or you can hope that you actually find an egg and then go through the tedious hatching process. Finding a Digi-egg requires a lot of monster battles; if you’re lucky maybe one will drop from a defeated digimon. In order for the egg to hatch it has to complete 3 out of 5 of the DATA injections.


The music is fitting and reminiscent of the music from the television series. However, even in the cut scenes the music never changes, there are no voice-overs; no matter what the only audio that exists outside of sound effects is the never-ending music. It is somewhat pleasant but after a while it gets annoying.

The graphics are basically a three dimensional reproduction of the television series, which is great for fans. You feel as if you jumped into the show, along with a lot of other tamers, who are wandering throughout the world.

Bottom Line

With its average graphics, limited character customization, and few choices from Digimon, Digimon Masters only has real appeal to fans of Digimon. If you are looking for a great MMORPG, then you might find better than Digimon Masters, but if you just want to go on an adventure with Digimon, then this is where you should come.