In celebration of their second anniversary, Joymax, publisher of popular MMORPG Digimon Masters, announced new Digimon, Lucemon and Lucemon Falldown Mode. Lucemon is an Angel Digimon whose name and design are derived from the mythological Lucifer.  It has the appearance of a child and is said to have descended to the ancient Digital World long ago.  However, because of a later Rebellion, it summoned a long period of darkness. Although it has the appearance of a child, the power and intelligence it possesses surpass even that of an Ultimate Digimon.

This update also brings Lucemon Falldown Mode, the ultimate Demon Lord which possesses both the divine and diabolic.  It is the strongest of the group and instigated a rebellion which led to it becoming sealed in the Dark Area along with many other Demon Lord Digimon.  Its power exceeds that of Megas, and is said to rival that of the existence called “God.”  Its contradictory existence – loving all things yet trying to destroy the world – will lead to its intention to create a fresh new world!

To celebrate, Digimon Masters will feature and exciting Lucemon event.  Select players who buy Lucemon will get Daemon for free!  All tamers who purchased Lucemon from September 24th to October 22nd will go into a drawing and 150 super lucky tamers will get the popular Ultimate Digimon of Tsukaimon, Daemon absolutely free.

Digimon Masters Online Release New Digimon