For Digimon fans, this release by Joymax is an exciting one. There has been an addition to the list of tamers players can choose from. The new tamer, T.K., was released today on the global server. T.K. has two “tamer skills”. The first skill recovers the digimon’s health and Digi-Soul, but the skill has a 5-minute cooldown. The second skill is a jump booster.


 In celebration of the release, players can now collect T.K’s gift boxes that are dropped from enemy digimon. The boxes contain one of the following items:  Evoluters, Amplification Boosters, Chicken Combos, Inventory Expansions, Energy Pills, Gold Bananas, Luxurious Megaphones, 1-Day DigiAuras, 1-Day Consignment Shop Licenses, or Digi-Soul Charges. This event will last until September 24th.


T.K. is—the younger brother of Matt from season one of Digimon—is a second grader who, after entering the digital world, was partnered with the digimon Patamon. T.K. is endearing character, who holds the crest of hope.


For those of you unfamiliar with the game, Digimon Masters allows the gamer to choose a tamer as their avatar and then choose a digimon. After creating the general profile, the gamer then goes out into the virtual world to battle other digimon and to explore the world, which includes dungeons. Digimon Masters Online is based on the original storyline.

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Digimon Masters: T.K. Released as a Tamer