Wildstar Heroes Evolved

Wildstar Heroes Evolved Hits PTR

Wildstar sure has been busy! First they released on Steam, back on June 9th, and now this! Heroes Evolved is the newest update coming to the wonderful world of Nexus! This update has been released on the Wildstar PTRs as of now and is ready for testing by any and all players! This update is absolutely packed with incredible new systems and features that will give players tons of additional options in their play. More choices on what you play, how you play, and who you play with, is the name of the game for Wildstar. With the Redmoon Terror update and other new content on the horizon many of the features of Heroes Evolved are focused on getting players ready for new epic adventures in Nexus. Players on the PTR will also be able to earn a Battlesworn costume in the live game as a reward for their testing efforts.

New Features of Heroes Evolved

We told you Heroes Evolved was jam packed with new features, so it only makes sense that we take a look at them. So without any further ado, here are some highlights for you!

  • Hero Hyper Boost – Players will be able to purchase and create install level 50 characters in Wildstar. Allowing them to jump right into max level content and experience all the game has to offer. The Hero Hyper Boost will provide you with all of the necessary gear and system upgrades, in addition to a generous amount of goodies, to take on the world of Nexus
  • Multi-Queuing – A long awaited feature for the world of Wildstar. This will allow players to queue up for multiple instances at the same time, either solo, or as a group.
  • New Race/Class Combos – Another widely anticipated feature hits with the Heroes Evolved update! Two new race/class combinations will be available in the forms of the Chua Warrior and the Aurin Engineer!
  • Race and Gender Changes – Players will now be able to change the race and gender of their characters in the Wildstar Chop Shop with this update.
  • Path Master – Players will now be able to learn and level additional Paths and switch between them any time they choose! Diversity at it’s finest!
  • Enhanced Arcterra Rewards – Wildstar is releasing some new enhanced gear and other rewards to the Arcterra Soulfrost vendors with the Heroes Evolved update. Allowing players to be more prepared for veteran expeditions, dungeons, and raids.
  • More Account Wide Offerings – Alt lovers rejoice! Wildstar is making Protostar Promissory Notes along with a number of AMP and Ability Tier Points account tradeable with this update.
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