Wildstar Hero Hyper Jump Boost

Wildstar Hero Hyper Jump Boosts

With the next update to Wildstar players will be able to rocket to max level with the click of a button! With the Hero Hyper Jump Boost level 50 is only ever a click away. So whether you’re looking to finally get an alt up to max level, start on a new character, or just try out one of the upcoming new race/class combos like the Chua Warrior, the hero hyper jump boost gets you where you need to be. Once you enable the boost and your character is set to max level you’ll be given a full loadout of level appropriate gear and consumables to help you on your adventures. With the hero hyper jump boost you will get the following and more to conquer the world of Nexus:

  • Full set of level 50 assault gear
  • Full set of level 50 support gear
  • Race specific mount
  • Some Platinum spending money
  • Your chosen Path rewards
  • Some Elder Gems
  • Immediate access to housing
  • And much more!

New Wildstar Content on the Way

The hero hyper jump boost is here just in time for the upcoming release of Redmoon Terror – set to hit Wildstar in August 2016. Redmoon Terror is set to challenge players with some of the most challenging raid content ever created, a truly massive and expansive raiding experience with unique and difficult bosses, and shocking revelations regarding the rich storyline of Wildstar itself. Players will get a first crack at the hero hyper boost functionality on the upcoming Heroes Evolved update PTR. Stay tuned for more details, and let’s get ready for Redmoon Terror!

Wildstar Hero Hyper Jump Boost