Webzen Reveals Azera: Iron Heart – Adult MMORPG

Webzen Reveals Azera: Iron Heart – New Adult MMORPG

Azera: Iron Heart is the new upcoming 18+ Adult MMORPG from popular developer Webzen. It’s been know for a while now that the team had been working on an Azera MMO for mobile devices, but this is the first time Webzen has officially confirmed the release of Azera: Iron Heart for mobile devices. The game is scheduled for release in 2016. Azera: Iron Heart has been in development for some time now. Based on the popular PC MMORPG game Azera, Webzen hopes to bring the same impressive gameplay features to mobile devices. Combine that with an amazing and immersive story, and this will be a mobile MMORPG like no other! Azera: Iron Heart is said to boast film quality 3d cinematics, massive PvP contests, and absolutely huge RvR events!

Additional Webzen Games for 2016

Azera: Iron Heart wasn’t the only thing Webzen revealed at E3 this year. They also showcased their very impressive 2016 lineup of games. Which include Lightfall, C9 Mobile, MU: Legend, Flyff, and more. It’s clear to us that Webzen is on an upwards trend and really making some great progress with their games. We know we’re excited to play Azera: Iron Heart, and the rest of their lineup, and we hope you are too! See you on the battlefield!

Webzen Reveals Azera: Iron Heart – Adult MMORPG