A guardian is once again prepared

The new patch has gone live and with it is the release of Galio’s Rework, after plenty of tweaking in the PBE that is. He went through some serious adjustments before hitting the server, so forget what you’ve heard before now because a lot of it has been changed for the better. Galio is the biggest part of this update, but their are a few other changes, as well but we’ll start with him.

Champion Rework: Galio the Colossus

Galio’s thing is still scaling off of magic resist, with his Passive from Shield of Durand becoming massive by the late game, and while his damage isn’t the most destructive on the rift, the ability to stay in a fight and just keep dealing it, with a kit that is perfect for engaging and peeling for his allies, he is definitely a much better experience to play then his old kind of caster kind of tank no real place in any team comp that he used to be, and most importantly of course he looks cool as hell now in his new Traditional look and his updated skins.


  • Passive – Colossal Smash
    Galios next basic attack does an on hit AOE that scales with bonus Attack damage and Magic Resist, and its cooldown is lowered by one second for each unique champion hit by each of his spell casts
  • Q- Winds of War
    Galio fires two arcs that meet at a targeted location, dealing scaling Ability damage and if the two Arcs Converge Percent Health damage over time in a small area
  • W – Shield of Durand
    Passive: If Galio hasn’t taken damage in some time he gains a magic shield
    Active: Galio Charges up, taking reduced damage and slowing himself, and upon release taunts nearby opponents based on how long he charged it
  • E – Justice Punch
    Galio jumps back a short distance then charges forward, knocking up in a small AOE at the first champion he collides with
  • R – Hero’s Entrance
    Galio Leaps into the air and crosses a huge portion of the map to an Allies location, granting them damage reduction when he leaps, and knocking up Enemies when he lands at their location

Champion Buffs

  • Aatrox
    Passive – Blood Well
    No longer channels the power of Draven, retains W hit counter and revives with a full Blood Well
    Q – Dark Flight
    Cooldown Lowered
    W – Blood Price
    Damage increased
  • Cho’Gath
    R – Feast
    More health per a stack, and can now stack off of Minions/Monsters up to 6 stacks
  • Fiddlesticks
    Q – Terrify
    Range increased
    W – Drain
    Reduces cooldown by Drain time remaining if Target dies before the channel completes
  • Miss Fortune
    Q – Double up
    Damage and scaling on second shot increased
    Tweak – Q,E
    Miss Fortune no longer pauses on cast for these spells
  • Varus
    Q – Piercing Arrow
    Refunds 4 seconds when detonating blighted stats regardless of CDR

Champion Adjustments

  • Gnar
    Base Stats
    Health regen in Mega form Lowered and Normal form Raised
  • Quinn
    W – Heightened Senses
    Bonus Attack Speed increased
    R – Behind Enemy Lines
    Damage dramatically reduced

A lot of focus this time on the Jungle and again on Marksman from this patch, miss fortunes buff coming back strong after what they did to her before, and the adjustments on Quinn possibly moving her down there from where she is more often played Top lane. Most of it is all about making champions do what they do more dependably, so other than Galio things on the rift should be carrying on as usual without a huge shift in the Meta.

League of Legends – Patch 7.6