Forge of Empires is a popular MMORTS title from Innogames and today they released a new update, which brings them closer to the release on iPad. Some of Innogames’ other titles, like Grepolis, have already expanded to mobile devices. The team hopes to do the same for Forge of Empires, starting it off with the game’s iPad release, closely followed by a release on the iPhone. Innogames plans to have Forge of Empires released for Android systems in 2014.

Content is constantly added and updated for Forge of Empires. Including today’s release of bonus content for the Middle Ages period, which added a large quest series,¬†dispatching players to far off mountains, fighting renegade barbarians led by Bogdan the Beast and bringing General Celeas to his knees. This new quest series will introduce new units, like the Berserker. Even if players are past the Middle Ages period in Forge of Empires, they can still revisit the era to complete the new missions. The new quest series allows players to conquer a new area that includes 23 sectors.

With over 100 million registered players, Innogames is one of the world’s leading online game developers. They have developed popular titles like Tribal Wars, Grepolis, and The West

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