The long awaited World of Warcraft patch is finally here! Some of the biggest new features include: the Timeless Isle, Siege of Orgrimmar, Flexible Mode, Proving Grounds, the conclusion of the Legendary Quest Chain, and Ordos.

The Timeless Isle is a mysterious island, once lost, that now has appeared out of the mist off the eastern coast of the Jade Forest. The Isle is home to a vast array of strange and powerful creatures that will put an adventure’s skills to the test. If you overcome the challenges great rewards will await you. There are many secrets on the Isle, which dynamically become available to adventurers. The Timeless Isle also brings five new world raid bosses! Players may face each of the four Celestials in a trial of combat.

A new raid has been added: The Siege of Orgrimmar. The tensions are at a breaking point after the destruction at the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Now leaders of the Horde and the Alliance will lay siege to Hellscream’s capital and tear the merciless Warchief down once and for all. The Siege of Orgrimmar includes 14 new encounters across 4 expansive wings as both factions take the war to Garrosh’s doorstep. The new siege also supports the following difficulty modes: Normal, Heroic, Raid Finder, and (new) Flexible Raid.

The new difficulty, Flexible Raid, is made for pre-made groups of 10 to 25 or any number in between. The encounters are meant to be a little challenging– between Raid Finder and Normal– and will automatically adjust depending on the number of players engaged in the encounter. Flexible Raid requires pre-made groups, but there are no role restrictions or minimum item level requirements. Loot awarding will be similar to Raid finder, utilizing a personal loot system. The loot quality will fall somewhere between Normal and Raid Finder. To learn more about this new raid check out’s preview.

The Proving Grounds allows level 90s to test their valor and undertake trials in a controlled environment. The trials are available in four difficulties: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Endless. Endless mode allows you to battle increasingly difficult enemies.

The Legendary Quest continues. The final quests are now available to those who fought on Wrathion’s behalf. Upon completion, you will upgrade your Celestial Cloak to legendary quality, which will allow you to reach the Sanctum of Ordos at the top of Timeless Isle.
Demigod, Ordos is a challenging world boss located on the Timeless Isle.

These are just a few of the new updates in 5.4. If you crave more information, check out the patch notes straight from

World of Warcraft 5.4 Patch