Patch 5.4 is nearly here and Blizzard has released a trailer that shows you just what to expect in this new patch. For those of you that have been looking forward to crushing Garrosh, this trailer should give you all the more reason.  It’s definitely one of Blizzard’s best patch trailers in recent memory.

The trailer shows an enraged Hellscream fighting off a Pandaren in the Vale.  This patch will bring us a new three-wing, 14 boss raid culminating in a battle with Hellscream himself, the Siege of Orgrimmar.  We’ll also see a new raiding system implemented that allows the content to dynamically scale to the amount of players you have in the raid over 10.

New Proving Grounds will offer practice sessions for people to improve their skills in tanking, damage or healing and a new outdoor zone called Timeless Isle.  It will be stuffed full of quests, treasures and five new world bosses.  We’ll also see the conclusion to the Legendary quest chain, Judgement of the Black Prince, which will allow players to earn a powerful new cloak with new abilities.

You can find the full patch notes at to see the many changes that will be implemented with the launch of Patch 5.4, Siege of Orgrimmar.

Check it out and let us know what you think below.

World of Warcraft Patch 5.4 Trailer