War Thunder, the WW2 based MMO game, just released it’s latest update, entitled Big Guns. In this latest update, the makers of the game have introduced a number of new vehicles, from the B-29 Superfortress, the German Tiger Tank, and several other tanks and planes from each of the main superpowers, including Japan. In addition to the new vehicles, this update also promises new terrains, and better game physics, such as tank speed changing depending on the type of ground it’s moving on, such as mud.

The update also fixes a slew of issues that plagued the game, from inconsistent flight models, the ability to open aircraft canopies, as well as improvements to ammunition. The Big Guns update promises to make the War Thunder experience that much more immersive and allow for better game mechanics, making it one of the best online World War 2 games available.

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War Thunder: Big Guns Update Released