[video] Worlds Adrift: Aspiring MMO Releases New Trailer

Bossa Studios, widely known for the creation of Surgeon Simulator, recently released a brand new trailer for World Adrift, a new MMO in the making. The trailer provides a glimpse into the imaginative world of this new MMO. Heated firefights between mammoth airships, spelunking off floating Islands, laser-gun shootouts, and plenty more. All Footage contained in the trailed was recorded with real players.

Obviously the physics system in this game will play a very large role when interacting with the game world, other players, as well as combat and transport options. There has been a bit of a lull since we last saw any footage from Worlds Adrift, although the game’s development blog is updated regularly by the team.


Bossa Studios have yet to release and official launch date yet however, co-founder Henrique Olifiers announced that we can expect to see and Early Access release at some point this year. For those interested in lining up for the early access you can do so here on the game’s website to place your reservation. A Worlds Adrift forum has also been opened.


Will this imaginative MMO bring a fresh new look and feel to the world of MMORPGS? Is tough to say this far out in the development stage but we’re holding on to hope! Keep an eye out for continued coverage  on World Adrift as the game nears completion.

[video] Worlds Adrift: Aspiring MMO Releases New Trailer