Fans of the MMORPG Game Darkfall: Unholy Wars can look forward to a new massive update to the game, released yesterday. The update comes after receiving a huge amount of feedback from players, and promises to fix issues as well as improve game mechanics and overall game play.

Several key features of the update include changes to the way players combat against each other. A list of new moves and skills, such as Pulverize, Stampede, and Seizure allow players to better command their character and create improved battle mechanics. For example, with the Pulverize update, characters have increased damage, reduced cooldown and knockback, as well as reduced blind duration.

In addition to updates to player skills and movement, the update affects Guard towers, and allows players to fight while on horseback. Instant transportation was also upgraded, as well as harvesting. Additionally, problems with User Interface have been addressed and fixed.

Darkfall: Unholy Wars is produced by Aventurine Studios. For a full list of the updates and new features, visit https://www.darkfallonline.com/news/patch-notes-february-2015-darkfall-reload

Updates to Darkfall: Unholy Wars