Tera Online to Close Servers in the East

TERA Online Struggling – Closing Down in the East

Relatively popular during it’s beta, and at launch, TERA Online is struggling to maintain an active player base across the world. While in the Western regions the player counts are dipping lower than expected, in the Eastern regions the damage seems to be even worse. Kunlun, the Korean publisher team, has shown that the game is failing more rapidly in the East. A short 18 months after TERA Online’s successful open beta in December of 2014 Kunlun will be closing the game’s servers.

Reasoning Behind TERA Servers Shutting Down Not Known

While the publisher has not mentioned any specific reasoning behind the closing of TERA Online servers, there has been a good deal of speculation as to what caused this once popular game to fail. Some are saying that the game struggles to gain any major traction and impress users out of the gate due to it late launch. Others, mainly players, are speculating the team failed to make frequent enough updates to TERA Online in order to keep the content of the game fresh in the highly competitive MMORPG scene. Whatever the reasoning may be, we’re sorry to see TERA on the way out, but as with any dying MMORPG, another game will take it’s place soon.

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Tera Online to Close Servers in the East