TERA Online Aces Wild Update

TERA Online Aces Wild Update Announced

Today En Masse Entertainment announced the next major update for their feature free to play action MMORPG TERA Online. The Aces Wild update will go live on July 7th! This update is the follower to “Secrets and Shadows” and will be introducing a great deal of much needed new content to the world of TERA. Aces Wild will be bringing with it new dungeons, new battlegrounds, new flight zones, and so much more.

Aces Wild New Features

The third major update for TERA Online in 2016, Aces Wild will be bringing some fantastic new content to the table for gamers. There will be a new 5 player, level 65, dungeon called Manglemire featured in this update. Along with Manglemire will come Season 3 of the Dreadspire, and with it new challenges and improved rewards! You can see more details regarding Dreadspire season 3 below:

  • Challenge 4: Dreadnaught gear and comparable jewelry
  • Challenge 9: Slaughter gear, Shadowgate and Bloodgate jewelry
  • Challenge 14: Imperator materials, Shadowvain and Bloodvain jewelry
  • Challenges 16-22: Tier 10 feedstock, Tyrantblood tokens, Goldfinger tokens, rubies, emeralds, and diamonds

Also included in the Aces Wild update will be a new 10v10 PvP Battleground titled Kumas Royale Battleground. The minimum level for this battleground will be level 20 and it will feature two 5 minute rounds. In addition to all of these great new features Aces Wild will also be bringing some convenience overhauls to TERA Online in the forms of expanded flight zones and extra storage for all your cosmetic gear! More details on this update are available on the TERA Online official site, but the full info of what’s to come with this update will not be unveiled until July 5th.

TERA Online Aces Wild Update