Supernova Set to Explode Online

BANDAI NAMCO, makers of such hits as Tekken and Soul Caliber, has a new Free to Play MOBA style game to add to their already impressive roster. Set in the future, players will battle against each other as different races for superiority and resources. The game is called Supernova, and Bandai Namco hopes that it will be a game changer.

In Supernova, players will be able to battle anywhere in the universe, either as humans or a variety of alien races that will be available. What makes Supernova special, however, is that they hope to incorporate Real-Time Strategy elements into the game play, adding another layer of intensity and skill to what is shaping up to be an incredible gaming experience.

[We’ve] done an incredible job of creating a MOBA that is set to redefine the genre” said Joon Hwang, Director of Digital Games for Bandai Namco. “It will offer both MOBA and RTS players a captivating experience.

Supernova is being created by Primal Game Studio in association with Bandai Namco, and hopes to be released for PC later in the year.

Supernova Set to Explode Online