Star Trek Online Enlists New Recruits

Star Trek Online, the MMO game based upon the titular space based franchise, announced plans for a massive game-wide event that promises to be the ultimate immersive Star Trek experience.

In Delta Rising, players will be able to recruit new operatives and upgrade current units to assist them in an upcoming galactic war. For years Star Trek Online has been hinting at a massive conflict involving an ancient alien race called the Iconians. They are out to reassert their dominion over the galaxy and rid the universe of the Federation and its allies.

In Delta Rising, new achievements, upgrades, storylines and cooperative game play will be introduced that can aid players in the all out assault against Iconian forces. Cryptic Studios, makers of the game, promise a unique Star Trek experience, sure to please fans and newcomers alike. The recruitment process opens April 2nd, with the war ensuing soon after. The entire event should last a course of several months, so players must prepare to become even more involved in the game than usual.

Star Trek Online is a free to play MMO game that allows players to explore and colonize the galaxy, either as a Federation officer, a Klingon warrior, or a Romulan Captain. To find out more about the game and this legendary event, visit

Star Trek Online Enlists New Recruits