Seven Core Open Beta Announcement

Seven Core,  a Korean Fantasy MMORPG, is developed by Noria and published by Hione Entertainment and aims to hit the MMO scene shortly. The Seven Core Open Beta is currently set to launch on February 15th and should bring some interesting features to the MMO game genre. While the Seven Core Open Beta is exciting news on its own, let’s get to the good stuff and show you what this MMO has in store!


Seven Core Open Beta


Seven Core is a Fantasy style MMORPG that allows players to embark on many quests through a very interesting world (to say the least). The character game play features a quick level up system, solid story,unique classes, and tactical battle system. Characters are also able to be highly customized (just the way we like it), and there are numerous abilities that players can master. Seven Core does feature a class system, and each class has a variety of special weapons, spells, and armors to go with them. Seven Core features 3 classes and players will be able to choose between 2 different weapons in those classes. We’ve gathered some pictures below to give you an idea of what the classes look like!


Seven Core Open Beta Classes

Seven Core Open Beta Classes

Seven Core Open Beta Classes


While Seven Core does feature some interesting characters to choose from; Seven Core aims to entice their players with their elaborate mount system. The mount system in Seven Core allows players to customize their mounts and allows players to ride, sail, or fly on their favorite mounts. The mounts are also not creature limited and Seven Core’s mount system has actual vehicles to choose from as well. This mount system is a unique twist for this MMO, and Seven Core has made sure to put an emphasis on the variety of mounnts that players can choose from. Take a peek below at just some of the mounts that players will be able to hitch a ride on.


Seven Core Open Beta MountsSeven Core Open Beta MountsSeven Core Open Beta MountsSeven Core Open Beta MountsSeven Core Open Beta MountsSeven Core Open Beta Mounts



All in all, Seven Core should prove to be quiet the MMORPG. With the Seven Core Open Beta starting on February 15th (just 2 weeks), this Korean MMO should start wowing players with its fun play style and numerous mounts (we’re definitely excited to check them out). If you’ve got something to say about the Seven Core Open Beta or want to just share your opinion about this game, please feel free to drop us a comment in the box below!


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