School of Dragons – Return to Dragon Island

JumpStart Announced New Expansion – Return to Dragon Island

The newest expansion to School of Dragons, Return to Dragon Island, was announced recently by publisher JumpStart. Giving this kid friendly MMORPG a great boost of new content! The release of this expansion lines up with the release of Season 3 of the Netflix Original Series – Dragons: Race to the Edge! Return to Dragon Island will include 21 action packed new quests, four completely new areas, and of course new dragons, such as the mysterious Singetail! Also included in Return to Dragon Island are popular characters from the How to Train Your Dragon 2 movie, including Valka who is Hiccup’s mom and Eret!

What Will You Find on Dragon Island?

The better question might be what won’t you find!? In Return to Dragon Island a mysterious dark thick fog has started expanding over the waters of the archipelago. This fog is sickening and stranding fellow Vikings! They are going to need your help to get back home! Players must first rescue these recently stranded Vikings and get them back home safely before setting out a journey to discover what the fog is and where it is coming from. As the players adventure out of Berk they’ll need to sharpen their minds as much as any sword. This will be done through new learning based quests. These new quests in Return to Dragon Island will serve as both a fun and exciting gameplay element, as well as teaching players core scientific concepts such as earth systems, physical sciences, and engineering technologies! The launch of Return to Dragon Island is also coming at the same time as the School of Dragons 2.0 update, which will bring the game fully up to date with the major plot points from the How to Train Your Dragon movie series! This MMORPG for kids just got a whole lot better!

How to Access Return to Dragon Island

All players with current School of Dragons memberships will gain access to the Return to Dragon Island expansion for free – as long as their membership remains active. Non members will have the option to purchase this expansion for 1250 Gems. School of Dragons is available to download on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Steam, Windows, and directly at the School of Dragons site. Take to the sky dragon rider! We hope to see you out there

School of Dragons – Return to Dragon Island