Rift Expands to China

Rift, the widely popular MMO and WoW killer, has some very exciting news coming up this year. Trion Worlds has agreed to partner up with Shanda Games (a HUGE MMO company based in China) and expand Rift’s reach to China later this year. Rift has already launched in Russia and South Korea and has now got its sites set on China.


Rift News


For those who are familiar with this popular MMO (and those who aren’t), Rift has expanding exponentially since its launch in March. According to reports, Trion Worlds saw over a million user accounts within the first four months of launching (bumping revenue up to a hefty $100 million). As far as how or why this MMO has had such an exponential growth is concerned, it all goes back to Rift’s amazing Dev team. Trion Worlds has made a huge effort on enhancing the gaming experience for its players (as well as creating a stunning graphical system) and it has clearly reaped the benefits of the hard work they have/are putting in to this MMO.


Rift News

According to Trion World’s site, Founder and CEO of Trion Worlds Lars Buttler stated, “Our partnership with Shanda is a huge step for Western premium games in China and we are proud Trion is at the forefront, setting the standard once again,”  Buttler also sated, “The appetite for new great original game experiences like Rift, that disrupt the existing paradigm of traditional gaming, is universal.  Shanda, with proven track record of localizing and delivering content, is the best partner for Trion to offer gamers in mainland China an authentic Rift experience.”

Rift News

With that being said, it’s exciting to see Trion Worlds’ growth and their devotion to the players who have made Rift so popular to this date. Among this news, Trion Worlds’ site also states that there is currently $85 million dollars waiting to be dipped into a project known as “Red Door” (a strategic growth project that aims to  bring a consumer platform and a full-scale publishing and development platform). Nonetheless, we can only wait and see if the Trion Worlds team brings yet another unexpected suprise. If you’d like to share your opinion on this Rift news, please feel free to leave us a comment in the box below. We’d love to hear from you!

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